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We have created this site with parents, educators, preschoolers, and elementary school students in mindWe have posted some of our successful courses, such as the free ABC Signs Program (ASL), and expanded the original, free Mathlibs content. We’re also regularly posting more fun free stuff in our Fun Feed.


Series of blog posts have been grouped into mini-courses. All free for you, here online.

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Founded in the 1990s, kidCourses started as a New York-based initiative offering live courses exclusively within the state. Our standout program, the ABC Signs Program, brought the joys of sign language to preschoolers on Long Island at no cost. Interestingly, when we sought to volunteer our services at a local library, we were told "We don't accept volunteers, we need to pay you."

For Jessika, the experience was doubly rewarding. As a mom, she could earn while involving her young children in a positive educational setting. Our core mission has been consistent—to motivate children toward lifelong learning, cultivate creativity, and emphasize the importance of positivity and enjoyment in the education process.

In the intervening years, life happened. The kids grew up, and a move to the West Coast initiated a hiatus from live courses. However, we've adapted by digitizing our content and are pleased to introduce the new Here, we continue to offer quality resources like MathLibs®, which has gained recognition from esteemed organizations such as PBSTeachers and the NCTM.

We invite your feedback and are open to suggestions for future offerings.

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Math Minute: Oliver Owl Loves Hundredths (Grid of 100)
Today's Math Minute Video features Oliver Owl. He likes fractions, but he wants to turn all the fractions that he sees into hundredths. Watch this video and then download some printable coloring grids. You can hold your fraction and the grid of 100 up to a window to see what […]
Operations with Scientific Notation and “LARS”
Operations with scientific notation appears to be a simple topic on the surface, however, students get easily confused when manipulating the exponent in order to make computations.   I came up with the acronym "LARS" to help students remember how changing the exponent affects the direction the decimal will move.  "LARS" […]
Line: Elements of Design for Kids
Line as a Design Element + Upcycled Art Project In math, a line is always solid and straight and a line always goes on and on in both directions. Artistic lines are different -- they can be straight, bent, dashed, and have a cool paint brush  texture to them. They don't have to go on and on […]
Finger Spelling Fun
We asked the adults on Facebook what fingerspelling printables they wanted to see. We were happy to get a few responses! So here are the names that you requested. Thank you for participating! If you missed out on the fun, check out these Cut & Paste ASL Letters to make […]
Deductive Versus Inductive Reasoning
Reasoning can be an effective way to convince someone. You probably reason with others every day. For example, you may have to persuade your brother to share the last few sips of his strawberry milkshake. Two kinds of reasoning, deductive and inductive, illustrate why some methods of persuasion are more […]
The Rule of Thirds: A Gridded Guide
The Rule of Thirds is a compositional guideline to use when taking photographs, shooting a video, creating artwork or designing graphics. To apply the rule, you divide the scene into nine equal squares, drawing three evenly spaced horizontal lines and three evenly spaced vertical lines to form a grid. According […]
Kids learn about an important part of the animal cell - the cell membrane.
Animal Cell Membrane – Interactive Diagram
Today's Science in Seconds post zooms in on an important part of the animal cell -- the cell membrane.  You can also view the Interactive Cell Membrane in full screen.  Additionally, you may wish to check out this Animal Cell handout - label & color the parts of the animal cell! Please note: […]
PDF handout animal-cell-label-with-answer-key
Animal Cell – Handout
Can you label and color these important parts of the animal cell? NUCLEUS  control center for cell (cell growth, cell metabolism, cell reproduction) NUCLEOLUS  synthesizes  rRNA RIBOSOMES  the site of protein building, this is where translation takes place (mRNA in language of nucleic acids is translated into the language of […]
ABC Signs M (Sign Language for Kids)
Want to learn some fun ASL signs? The full ABC Signs program incorporates over 120 real ASL signs into fun and catchy rhymes; learn 5 in this free sign language video for kids: The ASL sign for M The ASL sign for monkey The ASL sign for moose The ASL […]
Substitution Method for Systems of Equations: aka “the blob”
I love teaching systems of equations, like seriously LOVE it!  I always teach it right after the linear equations unit, and it's the perfect transition from graphing one line, to graphing two.   Students catch on right away and think, "this unit is going to be easy!" Then.... we hit […]
ASL 4 Kids: ABC Signs Y (Video & Handout)
Learn some fun 'Y' words with Jade! The full ABC Signs program incorporates over 120 real American Sign Language signs into fun and catchy rhymes; learn 5 in this free sign language video for kids: The ASL sign for Y The ASL sign for yellow The ASL sign for yelled […]
Make Your Own Math Drills with “Find and Replace”
If you like arithmetic drills, here's a way that you and your child can create a lot of different worksheets. Just create your worksheet in Word and then use Find and Replace to let Word change all the math questions around automatically. I am attaching 2 examples that you can […]
Fingerpaint Multiplication – Count By Twos Threes or Fours
We recently shared an article on Facebook that was titled Dreading Math Can cause Real Pain. As you've probably noticed, we like to share a lot of fun math content. In the spirit of that tradition, we are going to post a series of Fingerpaint Multiplication handouts. Even a very […]
Grade 4 Math Practice Test 2: Patterns, Relationships, & Algebraic Thinking
Please make sure Flash is enabled in your browser. The game should show in-page below. These 5 test questions cover Lesson 2: Patterns, Relationships, and Algebraic Thinking . (Flash is required.) If you would like to review an interactive lesson on "Patterns, Relationships, & Algebraic Thinking," check out Mathlibs, Lesson 2. […]
Spicing up the Secondary Math Classroom: #2 – Scavenger Hunts!
This is the second post in a series  I created called "Spicing up the Secondary Classroom."  This post's focus is Scavenger Hunts!  I went to a conference four years ago and listened to a speaker taught about a a similar activity in which students solved problems in loop.  I was totally intrigued […]
DIY Sign Language Puppet
Here's how we made our sign language puppet 1-2-3. All you need is: an over-sized stuffed animal with floppy arms, an old long sleeved shirt (that you don't mind cutting), a rubber band (or hair elastic), scissors, and a pair of gloves. I've seen people cut the arms off the […]
The Communication Model
Learn to Become a Better Communicator with the Communication Model Communication models conceptualize the way in which people send, receive, process and respond to information. Claude Elwood Shannon and Warren Weaver developed one of the first widely accepted communication models in 1949 for the telephone company Bell. Since that time, […]
ABC Signs B [American Sign Language]
Time to get signing! The ABC Signs program incorporates over 120 real American Sign Language signs into fun and catchy rhymes. Today's ASL letter is the letter B. You will learn the ASL sign for B the ASL sign for butterfly the ASL sign for baby the ASL sign for […]
Grade 2 Math Games: Subtraction Action
  Please make sure Flash is enabled in your browser. The game should show in-page below. This fast and fun quiz tests subtraction facts. (Flash is required.) There is also a free 2nd grade addition and subtraction worksheet below. Addition and Subtraction Handout (Grade 2)
Word Wall Pictionary
Does your school mandate a word wall?  I know many schools do.  And that's not a bad thing, at all, they are actually really awesome!  One thing I didn't want to do, however, was slap a bunch of words up on my board without student involvement.  So I came up […]
Fun With Color
In the last post we looked at Color as an Element of Design. We found some other fun stuff relating to color that we think you'll enjoy. First up, check out these Optical Illusions based on Color:   Next, consider these practical applications of complementary colors: 1. Do you know […]
Congruent Triangle Proofs in Geometry
One of the hardest topics to teach in Geometry has to be congruent triangle proofs.  Identifying properties and theorems in order to develop and reason through a proof is not something that happens in a day.  Students need practice- and LOTS of it! One thing I try to do is mix up […]
Spicing up the Secondary Math Classroom: #4 – Relay Activities
How often do we see students rush through their work and not check their answers? Even if it's a test or a quiz, many students don't look back.  For this reason, I was on the hunt for a good collaborative activity, especially one that would hold my students accountable for their […]
Emotion Sensory Bottles by Jenny K
  This post comes from Jenny Knappenberger, an art teacher and very good friend of Gina Wilson from All Things Algebra! Emotion Sensory Bottles: Recently I watched the movie, Inside Out  with my daughter (who is 3) - okay, who am I kidding, we've watched it MANY times. I truly think […]
ASL Video Rhyme for Kids – The Letter D
Want to learn how to sign the letter 'D'? Watch this video and find out! The full ABC Signs program incorporates over 120 real ASL signs into fun and catchy rhymes; learn 5 in this free sign language video for kids: the ASL sign for D the ASL sign for […]
Sneaky, Sneaky, What Did You Just Say to Me? Part Two
Language is so much a part of everyday life that you may not think about using it strategically. However, by mastering some rhetorical techniques that subtly — or not so subtly — add extra shades of meaning, you gain greater control of one of the most overlooked yet influential tools […]
Coloring Worksheets for Kids
These coloring worksheets are not only fun to color -- they offer up creative ideas for your little artist! If you've seen our ABC Signs Program then your little one may already know how to sign alligator, baby, cookie, and cat in American Sign Language! Coloring Worksheet: Alligator Coloring Worksheet: […]
free ASL PDF how to sign I LOVE YOU
I LOVE YOU – An ASL Handout
Sorry for the delay with this one! We received a request via Facebook just as I was about to fly away to visit the east coast (or while I was there -- it's all a blur). As I settle back into life in sunny San Diego, I am catching up […]
Support Your Plot with a Story Arc
The plot of most stories figuratively forms the shape of an arc. A story arc graphs the typical way that a character meets and solves dilemmas and then emerges from a plot as a more developed individual. You can use the story arc as a general framework upon which to […]
Why is the Sky Blue?
We'd never know how high we are, till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky. ~Emily Dickinson What is the Sky? The sky goes by many names, including the celestial sphere, the heavens, and the wild blue yonder. As you […]
ABC Signs W [American Sign Language]
Want to try 'W'? It's easy! The full ABC Signs program incorporates over 120 real American Sign Language signs into fun and catchy rhymes; learn 6 in this free sign language video for kids: The ASL sign for W The ASL sign for woman The ASL sign for wondered The […]
ASL Out and About – Family
In this video Jade covers the ASL signs for: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, and cousin. Learn some sign language! If you watched ABC Signs, or know some signs, you can practice ASL by signing what the members of your family like. See if you can tell […]
Unicorn Foods — They’re for the Unicorns
When my brother was in kindergarten about 40 years ago, he came home one day and told my mom what he learned that day. His teacher had told all the students how bad FD&C Yellow number whatever was and how bad FD&C Red #5 was, as well as that we […]
Fraction Pennants for Math!
Hi!  I'm Shana from Scaffolded Math and Science. It is very exciting to be writing this guest post today, especially being asked specifically by Gina Wilson from All Things Algebra to write about my fraction math pennants for the KidCourses Blog! To me, student confidence is everything. When students see […]
Adventures in Wellness: Yoga For Kids!
by Samantha Coacci, Instructor/Founder of Island Soul Yoga Through my experience teaching yoga, I’ve taught people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Healthy, unhealthy, injured, recovering, you name it. All except for children. That is of course until my old elementary school invited me back to teach yoga for wellness […]
quotes to share with your kids
Quotes to Share with Your Kids
Here is a great list of quotes you can use for cursive writing practice, art projects, in connection with teaching social and emotional learning skills, and more.  For example, in the future I will be posting a wellness article on connecting with purpose for kids, and these quotes can be incorporated […]
Top 16 Math Activities in 2016
Hello, and Happy New Year!  As we are now in 2017, I'm finding myself reflecting back on the resources I've created, the wonderful connections and conversations I have made with teachers all around the world, and all the kind feedback I have received.  Making the decision to dive into writing […]
Fall Activities for Math
When we think of seasonal activities, we generally think of elementary school. However, I've found that the older students love to celebrate the seasons too!  Of all the seasons, FALL is my favorite to infuse into math! There are some really easy ways to maintain content, but sprinkle it with a […]
Free Binder Covers and Spine Labels
I have had requests over the years to create binder covers for my popular curriculum bundles, and I finally got to that today!  Each binder cover comes with your option of color or black and white.  You simple need to change the unit title to match your units.  These binder […]
4 Steps: The Right Way to Greet a Dog
How to Greet a Dog by Jamie Bozzi, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KSA, KPA CTP, ACDBC, CNWI, CC Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Canine Behavior Consultant Although it is very tempting to run up to a dog to pet him. It is very important to ASK THE DOG if he would like to interact […]

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