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We have created this site with parents, educators, preschoolers, and elementary school students in mindWe have posted some of our successful courses, such as the free ABC Signs Program (ASL), and expanded the original, free Mathlibs content. We’re also regularly posting more fun free stuff in our Fun Feed.


Series of blog posts have been grouped into mini-courses. All free for you, here online.

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Founded in the 1990s, kidCourses started as a New York-based initiative offering live courses exclusively within the state. Our standout program, the ABC Signs Program, brought the joys of sign language to preschoolers on Long Island at no cost. Interestingly, when we sought to volunteer our services at a local library, we were told "We don't accept volunteers, we need to pay you."

For Jessika, the experience was doubly rewarding. As a mom, she could earn while involving her young children in a positive educational setting. Our core mission has been consistent—to motivate children toward lifelong learning, cultivate creativity, and emphasize the importance of positivity and enjoyment in the education process.

In the intervening years, life happened. The kids grew up, and a move to the West Coast initiated a hiatus from live courses. However, we've adapted by digitizing our content and are pleased to introduce the new Here, we continue to offer quality resources like MathLibs®, which has gained recognition from esteemed organizations such as PBSTeachers and the NCTM.

We invite your feedback and are open to suggestions for future offerings.

Kids Rule!

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MathLibs™ Multiplication Quiz 2
Multiplication Quiz Multiplication Quiz 🌟 Enter at least 5 names separated by commas: Pick the times table you want to practice (1-12): Choose... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Start Quiz Submit Next Quiz Results 🎉 Play Again
The Power of Play: Using Play to Foster Emotional Healing and Development in Kids
Author Bio: Shauna Larson, a passionate mental wellness advocate. For the last five years, she employs her personal experience and deep understanding of mental health to illuminate the complexities and challenges that many face every day. Her thoughtful insights and relatable narratives have been featured in a variety of publications, […]
MathLibs™ Multiplication Quiz 1
Multiplication Quiz Multiplication Quiz 🌟 Enter at least 5 names separated by commas: Pick the times table you want to practice (1-12): Choose... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Start Quiz Submit Next Quiz Results 🎉 Play Again
#asl for kids
Cut & Paste ASL Letters
Our Facebook friend Katrina just had a wonderful idea! She suggested that we create a PDF with the ASL alphabet so that she could cut and paste to spell her students' names. This PDF has the whole ASL alphabet plus some extra vowels and popular letters.  Save American Sign Language […]
Kaleidoscope Tiles
It is fun and simple to make your own Kaleidoscope Art, aptly called Kaleidoscope Tiles! You'll need: four paper squares, or tiles, a marker, and a ruler. First, mark the center point on all four sides. Repeat this step on all four tiles. Make a pattern that connects to each of […]
elements of design handout for kids
Lessons on Elements of Design
Check out our  lessons on Elements of Design for Kids to learn more (all topics have art activities for kids included): Line Shape Space  (see also: Positive and Negative Space) Color Texture Form Here's a fun and quick one-page review all of the lessons on Elements of Design: Elements Of Design […]
Guided Meditation for Learning to Communicate with Kindness
Special thanks to Emily Behr, founder of Growga and board of advisors member for, a nonprofit providing mindfulness activities to students and young adults for free. She sent over a wonderful guided meditation that's beautiful and appropriate for kids of all ages. You can listen to it below. […]
5 Ways for Kids to Reset and Practice Self-care
Guest post by Kristin Louis of If your children have experienced a change in routine or have fallen out of good habits, you’re not alone. In fact, following COVID, studies indicate that children’s overall wellness took a negative hit, with kids experiencing physical inactivity, poor health, and issues with […]
Reimaging Celebrations (with a Healthy Spin)
For a lot of us, the words "Let's celebrate!" automagically conjure up thoughts of junk food, alcohol, and other unhealthy things. I asked my social network: "What's a healthy celebration? What can we teach our kids (and our big kid selves)? What feelings and connections are we chasing/craving when we […]
Masks & Mirrors
Karen Gross, author of Trauma Doesn't Stop at the School Door, came up with this project idea and graciously agreed to share it with our audience here on the website. This project is quite versitile: The big vision would be to do an installation project with a wall of […]
5 Resources for Helping Kids Understand Their Brains and Emotions
#1 Watch No Drama Discipline for invaluable tips on addressing unwanted behaviors and what discipline is intended to be about: teaching and learning. #2 The Hand Model -- Here's a model that kids can understand and speak to you about: #3 Reason Goes Out the Window -- Refer to this […]
Elements of Art – 5 Fun Projects for Kids
The elements of art are generally considered to be line, shape, texture, form, space, color and value, with the additions of mark making, and materiality. The following projects were curated from some fantastic people and organizations. They combine one or more elements of art into fun art projects for kids! #1 Nature Creativity (Texture, Shape, […]
5 Acronyms and Rhymes to Help Teach Communication Skills to Young Ones (Pre-K / Elementary)
We recently crowdsourced to find out your best rhymes and acronyms for teaching communication skills to young children. Below you will find 5 great ideas! #1. Listen Like a Mouse Debbie Lopez, 20+ year teacher and tutor and Director of Content Marketing for Zivadream, an education advocacy and test prep […]
Mathlibs™ for 2020!
Mathlibs™ + More!
The original Mathlibs™!I'm working on bringing this game back and on adding more non-Flash Mathlibs™, and you can see the first question set here... you can also check out a couple multiplication Mathlibs™ games that I made here: Create Your Own 5 Q Multiplication Adventure. 🙂 Testing Ruffle......
Resources for Teaching Matrices
AboutMini-Courses ▼ASL for Kids – ABC SignsMathLibs™ – Free for Over 2 Decades!Art for Kids - Elements of DesignArt for Kids - Principles of DesignRhetoric for KidsFitness Songs for Kids + Positive MusicGrab+Go Activities ▼View All Lessons + ActivitiesTaking it OfflineSign Language for KidsArt for Kids: Fun Art ProjectsFun MathFun […]
Coloring in the Secondary Math Class
If you are looking for a way to practice a newly learned math skill that integrates some art, a coloring activity is perfect! While some older students do not wish to color, you would surprised to find how many still do! Aside from providing extra math practice, coloring can be […]
5 Resources for Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Without a doubt, my FAVORITE unit in Geometry is Right Triangles & Trigonometry! (My least favorite is Logic & Proof but that's a complete other conversation.) Trigonometry is new to the students and the applications are so much fun.  I wanted to share five of my favorite resources for this […]
Mystery Coordinate Graph Pictures – Graph Your State!
  Learning about the United States in History? Learning about the different mountain ranges in Science? Studying types of poems in Language Arts? Historic songs in Music class? Graphing in Math? We all want to incorporate other content areas with the one that we teach. In secondary classrooms, it can […]
Ideas for Teaching Exponent Rules
Exponent rules (Laws of Exponents) can be a difficult topic to teach!  I've found that in order for students to understand the rules and how to apply them, you have to present the material in a very organized fashion, separating by rule and building upon previously learned rules.  I've typically […]
In a Pinch? Try Ready-Made Maze Templates
Need an activity for a certain topic but can't find exactly what you need?  Templates provide a way to easily whip up an activity for your students that is both engaging and completely customized to exactly what they are learning.  I get many requests for activities in  my store, but […]
#KindnessRules – Teaching Kindness in Your Classroom
AboutMini-Courses ▼ASL for Kids – ABC SignsMathLibs™ – Free for Over 2 Decades!Art for Kids - Elements of DesignArt for Kids - Principles of DesignRhetoric for KidsFitness Songs for Kids + Positive MusicGrab+Go Activities ▼View All Lessons + ActivitiesTaking it OfflineSign Language for KidsArt for Kids: Fun Art ProjectsFun MathFun […]
End of Year Review Escape Room Activities
You're in the final stretch.  State tests and final exams are done and now you have a week (or more!) left to engage your students.  What are you going to do? I've been there! My choices have usually been the traditional poster project or teaching an additional unit. Poster projects […]
Connecting with Purpose
During our Emanant Wellness, workshop Start on Purpose, we encourage attendees to "explore purpose." It struck me that most of the exploration is hindsight. We are chiefly uncovering clues (or "data," as I dorkily like to say), from out past, and then adding context and insight to see where "how we […]
Principles of Design: Dominance and Emphasis
  In many dynamic designs and artworks, one dominant aspect is the first to claim your attention. Known as a focal point, it provides you with a way to access the page or the canvas. Once you are “in,” you can look around, making instinctual connections between pieces to get […]
Pi Day Fun!
Do you celebrate Pi Day with your students?  I think taking a break from routine and celebrating this special number is a great way for kids to have fun and and celebrate math all at the same time.  If you're looking for something new to try, check out the activities […]
Monkey Fitness- Nygel’s Walk
Here's a toddler fave: Nygel's Walk!
Fun activities for SLOPE!
Slope it taught in just about every course from seventh grade on up.  It's a fundamental concept that is linked to so many other topics, so it's essential for students to have a solid understanding of slope.  If you are looking for some new ideas, here are five of my […]
Sneaky, Sneaky What Did You Just Say to Me?
In logical arguments, claims come in neutral forms - without the "bells and whistles" that evoke our emotions. When persuasive strategies are used to mix in language containing emotive force, language which suggests something without outright saying it, or language that is vague, we are no longer considering a logical […]
Factoring Polynomials Brochure Project
Looking for an activity idea for factoring polynomials?  These "Factoring Brochures" are simple, yet one of my favorite projects. This project is described in my Algebra 1 Polynomials and Factoring Unit.  Many people have asked for samples and I was excited to find some during a recent clean-out! All students […]
The Gratitude & Happiness Connection – Activities for Kids
I saw this video a while back and thought it was amazing. It shows an experiment which covers the gratitude and happiness connection. I have been a dabbler in perusing research on the science of happiness, and focusing on gratitude and having our kids learn and adopt an attitude of gratitude is […]
Sell That Property! Performance Task in Algebra
Who likes teaching properties in math? Anyone? I know, I know.  They are not the most exciting topic to teach.  It doesn't help that they seem to come up in every math class from 4th grade through Algebra 2.  But they are important!  They help students understand the how and […]
Projects for Kids Who Want to Make a Difference
Set a goal to join kids all over the world in making a positive difference. From working one-on-one to improve the quality of a neighbor’s life to joining other kids in a larger help network, you can make a difference in effecting change. Making a Difference at Home You’ll find […]
tooth-fairy-wishful-thinking fallacy
Don’t Fall for That Fallacy, Part Two
A fallacy is a mistake in reasoning that is often accidental. However, sometimes people use faulty logic on purpose to fool others. Protect yourself from being duped by finding out as much as possible about the different types of fallacies, including those below. Ad Hominem Fallacy: Says Who? Someone committing […]
DIY Digital “Emphasis with Color” Project
One way to emphasize an object in your designs is to provide a lot of contrast (read more here). Today we will show you how to use color to emphasize an object. In contrast with the black and white surroundings, the yellow cab becomes the most dominant object amidst the […]
7 Fun Facts About Dolphins & Coloring Page
Did you know? Only half of a dolphin's brain sleeps at a time! Dolphin babies are born tail first! Dolphins name each other! "Killer Whales" (Orcas) are actually dolphins! Though they can see very well, dolphins also use echolocation to find things, like food! In comparison, they don't smell all […]
principles of design - balance
Principles of Design: Balance
Since the ability to balance is essential to navigating a gravity-bound world, humans naturally seek balance. It is an instinctual way to bring order to existence. Balance, like unity, is a quality that you instinctively look for and recognize when you view a design or a work of art. A […]
Digital Activities in Secondary Math
Hi everyone!  Back in September, I started playing around with recreating several of my activities in Google slides so students.  This way, students could have the same experience, but in a digital form!  So many schools are going paperless and transitioning to more of a digital classroom, so I know there […]
“Love Light” DIY Candle Craft
To make your own Love Light you will need, tissue paper, scissors, Elmer's glue, a plate, and one up-cycled glass jar or cup. After cutting out the red hearts, cut the pink tissue paper into strips that you will use to wrap the jar. When all of your paper is […]
Let’s Say Some Words in Spanish | Lesson 1: Spanish Sounds Different (Videos and PDFs)
Welcome to Let’s Say Some Words in Spanish, a collaboration between KidCourses and Fabulosokids. We decided to make these videos because we know that most parents want their kids to learn a second language but are intimidated by being the teacher. Our hope is that you will share the videos […]

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